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508: Autism Awareness

Misinformation about Autism Spectrum Disorder is rampant. The rise of social media has enabled this misinformation to spread to a wide audience. Join State of the Pod in interviewing Autism expert and research at Weill Cornell Medicine Dr. Kim So… Read More »508: Autism Awareness

506: Holistic Medicine

Everyone seems to have some experience with Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), whether that’s through regular yoga practice, daily meditations, or even just deep breathing exercises. It’s become a standard part of western culture, with heavy presences in social media… Read More »506: Holistic Medicine

504: Psyched on Psychedelics

Psychedelics: once viewed as emblematic of the countercultural revolution, these drugs may now be crucial to fighting rising mental illness rates. Take a trip with us to learn about both the controversy, and promise, of the growing field of psychedelics… Read More »504: Psyched on Psychedelics

503: TikTok Doc

In recent years, an app called TikTok, intended for sharing 15-second dance videos, has diversified considerably. This episode delves into the new development on TikTok that is involved with mental health and self-diagnosis. Videos like “Put a finger down ADHD… Read More »503: TikTok Doc

408: HealthIT Unplugged

The healthcare industry has evolved immensely over the years, and much of that change has been driven by technology and future technological innovations are going to keep transforming healthcare.  Specifically, wearable fitness technology has weaved itself into society so much… Read More »408: HealthIT Unplugged

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