Can You Repeat That?

Diving into the lived experiences of speakers with accents, we explore how they navigate their personal and professional life as linguistic outsiders, how and why they code switch between accents and languages, and what language means to them.  Guests: Laura… Read More »Can You Repeat That?

Your English is Very Good

The way we speak has always been a powerful marker of identity. Listening to someone‚Äôs accent, we often jump to conclusions about who they are. How much of our cognitive and emotional responses to different accents and dialects can be… Read More »Your English is Very Good

301: So Sioux Me

Co-produced by Jen Yi and Nick Xu In this episode, we examine the infamous case of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). We discuss the storyline of the DAPL controversy, the backlash and protests that spread like wildfire, and what it… Read More »301: So Sioux Me

203: Do Not Disturb

Co-produced by John Yoon and Yunyun Wang.
How much do you value a picture? What if it was a picture of you? Is it a snapshot in time capturing a fond memory, or rather a photo used for identification purposes? In this episode of State of the Pod, we examine 21st century technologies used by law enforcement agencies and delve into how major technological innovations have disrupted the meaning of privacy and privacy law.

202: Nature’s Prescription

Produced by Macy Smith.
Do you ever wish there were more natural and accessible forms of medicine that will save you the grief and expense of dealing with pharmacies?

This episode, featuring an interview with professor Dr. Giulia Friso, looks into how humans use plants, particularly for medicinal purposes. We explore the history and breadth of ethnobotany, the current research being done, and what we can expect for the future.