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511: Time to Unwind: Decoding CRISPR and Genome Editing

Join our hosts as they dive deep into the history, development, application, shortcomings, and potential of the groundbreaking gene-editing technology, CRISPR. You’ll want to tune in as they explore how CRISPR is already changing the world around us, how it may one day transform the very fabric of our existence, including you, all the way down to your DNA. By the end of this episode you’ll be a gene-ius.

Produced and edited by Rma Polce, Alex Veldran, Marissa Brown-Johnson, and Ethan Tong

Art by Savannah Flores

Music from Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio and Wave Saver @ Epidemic Sound

Special thanks to the Milstein Program and the Investigative Biology lab at Cornell University for our recording equipment and software.


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