Contact State of the Pod

Prospective Casters:

Are you a Cornell student, or member of the greater Cornell community, interested in contributing to State of the Pod?

Or you can shoot us an email at

Please note:

  • We pride ourselves on being an inclusive organization, and are always welcome to new members. We do have an onboarding process to get anyone and everyone up to speed so that they can right into the exciting endeavour of producing a podcast.
  • We aren’t organized around dedicated audio editors, writers, or narrators. Our goal is for members to be involved in every step of the podcasting process, and ultimately work towards producing episodes independently or in small groups.
  • No experience is necessary! Only an interest in podcasting and a passion for communicating to the public.
  • SOTP is first and foremost a Cornell student organization. We would love to work with people who have a story to tell, or experts with wisdom to share, but episode production is closed to Cornell students (graduate students are welcome!). 

Other Inquiries:

Do you have a story or topic you’d like to see featured on SOTP? Or are you an expert interested in collaborating on an episode as an interviewee or consultant? Or do you just have something you’d like to say? (we especially appreciate listener feedback <3)

Send us an email at!