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508: Autism Awareness

Misinformation about Autism Spectrum Disorder is rampant. The rise of social media has enabled this misinformation to spread to a wide audience. Join State of the Pod in interviewing Autism expert and research at Weill Cornell Medicine Dr. Kim So Hyun. Dr. Kim talks about her research and ways to uplift education about Autism. Whether you are interested in learning about how to combat misinformation about Autism or are curious about the fundamental biochemistry behind the disorder, this episode is for you!

Produced and edited by Amanda Ng, Cate Westbrook, and Branden Sattler

Art by Savannah Flores

Music from Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio and Wave Saver @ Epidemic Sound

Special thanks to the Milstein Program and the Investigative Biology lab at Cornell University for our recording equipment and software.


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