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512: From Wild to Mild: The Fascinating Tale of Domestication Syndrome

To begin, we’ll explore the concept of domestication and how Russian experiments with foxes have grown our understanding and interest in the factors behind domestication. Covering the research that has been done on domestication syndrome in humans, we’ll touch upon how it may have played a role in the evolution of our species. Diving into the science of neural crest cells, we explore how changes to these cells’ migration can lead
to the physical and behavioral traits associated with domestication. Throughout the episode, we’ll refer to experts in the field of domestication and neural crest cell development, as well as individuals who have studied the phenomenon of domestication in depth. Join me for a thought-provoking discussion on the science of domestication syndrome and the ways in which it has shaped us and our world.

Produced and edited by Sasha Smalls

Art by Savannah Flores

Music from Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio and Wave Saver @ Epidemic Sound

Special thanks to the Milstein Program and the Investigative Biology lab at Cornell University for our recording equipment and software.


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