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503: TikTok Doc

In recent years, an app called TikTok, intended for sharing 15-second dance videos, has diversified considerably. This episode delves into the new development on TikTok that is involved with mental health and self-diagnosis. Videos like “Put a finger down ADHD edition” present viewers with example symptoms of mental health conditions, and the number of symptoms the viewer relates to dictates the likelihood that the viewer has that mental illness. While this may prove a useful diagnostic tool, it has also led to surges of physical and verbal tics in teenage children, which is a symptom of Tourette, after popular influencers started posting videos showcasing their tics to raise awareness. Luckily the symptoms in the teens subsided after taking a break from the app, but it still begs the question: Does TikTok do more harm than help when it comes to mental health? Find out on this episode!

Produced by Alice Lidman and Josh Martin.

Art By: Savannah Flores

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