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Season 2

203: Do Not Disturb

Co-produced by John Yoon and Yunyun Wang.
How much do you value a picture? What if it was a picture of you? Is it a snapshot in time capturing a fond memory, or rather a photo used for identification purposes? In this episode of State of the Pod, we examine 21st century technologies used by law enforcement agencies and delve into how major technological innovations have disrupted the meaning of privacy and privacy law.

202: Nature’s Prescription

Produced by Macy Smith.
Do you ever wish there were more natural and accessible forms of medicine that will save you the grief and expense of dealing with pharmacies?

This episode, featuring an interview with professor Dr. Giulia Friso, looks into how humans use plants, particularly for medicinal purposes. We explore the history and breadth of ethnobotany, the current research being done, and what we can expect for the future.

201: Of Monks and Machines

Produced by Blake Gallay.
All around us, jobs are being outsourced to metal muscles and silicon brains. From Gutenberg’s printing press, to assembly lines, to deep-learning algorithms, what can history teach us about the automated future? This episode is an exploration of where we’ve come from, and where we might be headed in an automated, computerized world.

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