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509: Art-ificial Intelligence: Blurring the Lines Between Creativity and Code

Artificial intelligence has allowed people to become artists at the click of a button. We’re on the cusp of a digital art renaissance in the form of AI Art, a “rebirth” of art as we know it. Can AI replace human creativity? Does AI deserve credit for the art it makes? In this episode, we explore the world of AI-generated art and what it means for the future of the art world. We delve into the legal and ethical implications of using AI to make art, and explore the possibilities and limitations of overlaid and generative AI art. Join us for a fascinating conversation that will challenge your perceptions of what it means to create art.

Produced and edited by Isabella Ciocca, Zahra Khadir, Kelly Ryoo, and Libby Elman

Art by Savannah Flores

Music from Wave Saver @ Epidemic Sound

Special thanks to the Milstein Program and the Investigative Biology lab at Cornell University for our recording equipment and software.


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