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303: Your English is Very Good

The way we speak has always been a powerful marker of identity. Listening to someone’s accent, we often jump to conclusions about who they are. How much of our cognitive and emotional responses to different accents and dialects can be explained by science, and what else might shape our behaviour? 


Laura Staum Casasanto, Lecturer, Cornell University, Department of Psychology. 

Jason Liu, Niccoló Bargellini, Fath’Ma Shibani, Jessie Whittaker-Mayall, students at Cornell University.

Dan Burdgof, graduate student, Cornell University, Linguistics. 

Professor Chiara Formichi, Associate Professor of Asian Studies at Cornell University.

Hosts: Adele Williams, Lynn Hong, and Macy Smith.

Lead Producer: Yunyun Wang.

Head Writer: Lynn Hong.

Music Credits:

Original music composed by Jacob Revelo, Stardust by Kjartan Abel, and additional synthetic remixes from

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