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203: Do Not Disturb

Co-produced by John Yoon and Yunyun Wang.

How much do you value a picture? What if it was a picture of you? Is it a snapshot in time capturing a fond memory, or rather a photo used for identification purposes? In this episode of State of the Pod, we examine 21st century technologies used by law enforcement agencies and delve into how major technological innovations have disrupted the meaning of privacy and privacy law.

Special thanks to our guests Ithaca Police Chief Dennis Nayor, who walks us through current technologies adopted by his department, which does not use the facial recognition system discussed in this episode. We also would like to thank Ishaan Jhaveri of Columbia University Tow Center of Digital Journalism for revisiting his honors thesis with us as we try to make sense of privacy in the new digital age.

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Episode art by Nicole Fung

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