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101: Rise of the Juul

Co-produced by Yunyun Wang, Michael Sun and Evan Kravitz

Ever wonder how an e-cigarette company founded on a mission to provide a “healthy alternative” for heavy smokers found their primary audience in a young demographic of former non-smokers? In this first episode of Cornell University’s brand new student-driven podcast, we take a deep dive into the origin story of a Silicon-Valley start-up turned multi-billion tech company. 

Special thanks to Professor Robert Oswald, of the Molecular Medicine Department at Cornell University, who walks us through the biochemical effects of nicotine salts in vape pens versus that of traditional cigarettes. We next feature Jack Waxman, founder of Juulers Against Juul, to discuss his advocacy efforts and the on-going debate at the legislative level on whether a flavor ban will curb rocketing Juuling rates at middle and high schools across America. 

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Episode art by Nicole Fung

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